We’re launching the new Pi Browser beta app integrated with the mobile Pi Wallet. The Pi Browser provides a more direct and open Pi Utilities platform for Pi Apps developers and Pioneers. To access the mobile Pi Wallet, download the Pi Browser app through the button above from the official iOS and Android app stores. Read more above.



Introducing the Pi Browser app and Pi mobile Wallet

Today we’re introducing two major products of Pi Network together: the Pi Browser and the mobile Pi Wallet. To access the Pi Browser and the mobile Pi Wallet, please download the new Pi Browser app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store through the button on the home screen. Please make sure you’re downloading the official Pi Browser app from the Core Team (marked as “Pi Community company” in store listings), and beware of fake wallets or scams.


今天我们将一起介绍Pi网络的两大产品:Pi浏览器和移动Pi钱包。要访问Pi浏览器和移动Pi钱包,请通过主屏幕上的按钮从iOS应用商店或Android Play商店下载新的Pi浏览器应用。请确保您正在从核心团队下载官方的Pi浏览器应用程序(在商店列表中标记为“Pi社区公司”),并警惕假钱包或骗局。

The Pi Browser aims to create a more open and direct Pi Utilities platform where developers can easily develop, test and deploy Pi Apps for Pioneers to try and use in the future. The Pi Browser is basically the new interface of the Pi Apps/Utilities Platform. As a general-purpose browser tool, it is still primitive, but it is the only browser that can support Pi applications. This is also the beta version of the browser, and more changes and features will be added later.


Last week we launched the desktop Pi Wallet to every Pioneer, and now we’re launching the mobile version of the Pi Wallet inside the Pi Browser app. So, if you have not created your wallet through the desktop version, please download the Pi Browser app and create your wallet there. If you have already created your wallet on desktop last week, you can now access your wallet on your mobile through the Pi Browser app and safely store your passphrase on your phone through fingerprints or FaceID. The Pi Wallet is an important milestone in Pi’s strategy of progressive decentralization towards the Mainnet because every Pioneer will be able to interact with the Testnet blockchain through their wallets by creating Test-Pi transactions. We are also preparing more for the Pi Mainnet both in terms of 1) community readiness and 2) improvements towards the blockchain and its scalability, as the community tests transactions on the Testnet.

上周,我们向每个先锋推出了桌面Pi钱包,现在我们正在Pi浏览器应用程序中推出移动版Pi钱包。所以,如果你没有通过桌面版创建钱包,请下载Pi浏览器应用程序,在那里创建你的钱包。如果您上周已经在桌面上创建了钱包,现在您可以通过Pi浏览器应用程序在手机上访问钱包,并通过指纹或FaceID安全地将密码存储在手机上。Pi钱包是Pi逐步向主网分散战略中的一个重要里程碑,因为每个先锋都可以通过创建测试-Pi事务,通过他们的钱包与测试网区块链进行交互。随着社区在测试网上测试事务,我们也在为Pi Mainnet做更多的准备,包括1)社区准备和2)对区块链及其可扩展性的改进。

Why are the Pi Wallet and Pi Browser bundled together? Having the wallet inside the Pi Browser App will ultimately allow future Pi Apps and traditional businesses to easily integrate Pi Payments and interact with the Pi blockchain. This will enable Pioneers to have seamless decentralized web experiences, i.e. easily perform Pi blockchain transactions when visiting specific Pi App websites. This is a big evolution of the Pi Utilities platform and the Core Team’s effort on building the Pi ecosystem. Below is a more detailed introduction of the Pi Browser. The Core Team will determine with the community’s feedback as to whether we will maintain two mobile apps (i.e. mining app and browser app) or merge them into one in the future.

为什么Pi钱包和Pi浏览器捆绑在一起?将钱包放在Pi浏览器应用程序中,最终将允许未来的Pi应用程序和传统业务轻松集成Pi支付并与Pi区块链进行交互。这将使先锋公司拥有无缝的分散式网络体验,即在访问特定的Pi应用网站时,可以轻松执行Pi区块链交易。这是Pi实用程序平台和核心团队在构建Pi生态系统方面的一大进步。下面是Pi浏览器的更详细介绍。核心团队将根据社区的反馈来决定我们将来是维护两个移动应用程序(即挖掘应用程序和浏览器应用程序)还是将它们合并为一个。Pi Browser

The Pi Browser intends to provide a web experience into a decentralized world. In addition to supporting any Web2.0 applications like existing web browsers, the Pi Browser will enable people to browse, interact and transact in decentralized applications — applications that integrate with blockchain technology — for a seamless and friendly user experience. Additionally, the Pi Browser will have a directory of selected Pi Apps and its own DNS system to support a whole new class of .pi domains. For example, current apps — Pi Wallet, Pi Chats, Mining, Brainstorm — will be accessible by typing in respectively wallet.pi, chats.pi, mine.pi and brainstorm.pi in the URL field of the browser. In the future, more Pi apps by third-party developers will be selected and added to the directory and be accessed through similar .pi URLs. Developers will also be able to start iterating on their app through non-pi domains earlier.


Pi浏览器旨在为分散的世界提供网络体验。除了支持现有网络浏览器等任何网络2.0应用程序之外,Pi浏览器还将使人们能够在分散的应用程序(与区块链技术集成的应用程序)中浏览、交互和处理,从而获得无缝友好的用户体验。此外,Pi浏览器将有一个选定的Pi应用程序目录和它自己的域名系统来支持一个全新的类别。pi域。例如,通过在浏览器的URL字段中分别键入wallet.pi、chats.pi、mine.pi和brainstorm.pi,可以访问当前的应用程序Pi Wallet、Pi Chats、Mine . Pi和Brainstorm . Pi。未来会有更多的第三方开发者的Pi应用被选中添加到目录中,通过类似的方式访问。pi URLs。开发者也可以更早地通过非pi域迭代他们的应用。

The Pi Browser is a more open Pi Apps platform because it enables developers to test and deploy the applications that integrate with the Pi Testnet, Pi Wallet and other elements of the Pi tech stack. It can do this without the limitation of the approval process or confinement of the old Pi Utilities platform inside the Pi mining app because anyone can visit any website freely on the Pi Browser. By contrast, it used to be that apps must be selected by the Core Team to be embedded in the Pi Utilities platform inside the Pi mining app. Later, we will update the Pi platform SDK to integrate with the Testnet and Test-Pi transactions for Pi Apps that allow developers to test their Pi apps on Testnet from their own domains.

Pi浏览器是一个更开放的Pi应用平台,因为它使开发人员能够测试和部署与Pi测试网、Pi钱包和Pi技术堆栈的其他元素集成的应用程序。它可以做到这一点,而不受批准过程的限制,也不受Pi挖掘应用程序中旧的Pi实用程序平台的限制,因为任何人都可以在Pi浏览器上自由访问任何网站。相比之下,以前应用程序必须由核心团队选择,才能嵌入到Pi挖掘应用程序内部的Pi实用程序平台中。稍后,我们将更新Pi平台SDK,以与Testnet和Pi应用程序的Test-Pi事务集成,允许开发人员从他们自己的域在Testnet上测试他们的Pi应用程序。Moreover, as Pi Network becomes more decentralized, the browser will be able to match the network’s decentralization progress. Ultimately in the future, Pioneers can access both apps listed on the Pi Directory and unlisted apps directly through their URLs, and make the ultimate decisions of whether those apps are trustworthy or not without the strict oversight of the Pi Core Team. Through this vision, the selection process for the directory would not necessarily impede goods apps from being developed, deployed, tested or used by Pioneers.


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